LLC «Stevedoring Yamal», established in October 2016. The company organizes logistics of large-scale long-term projects with a focus on loading and unloading activities in seaports in the Arctic regions, the Far North

Our competence includes the organization of work from scratch, coordination with many customers, including large international companies (Technip, Mammout), taking into account the best international practices and safety standards

In our experience, we were convinced that it is impossible to be effective in any one segment of the transport chain. Any seeming trifle, whether uninstalled process of removal of cargo from the port or improperly organized arrangement of cargo in holds — can negate all efforts for efficient unloading.

That is why we are striving to offer integrated transport solutions: the accumulation and improvement of cargo on the piertic sites, the organization of sea freight, taking into account the most correct cargo plans, the incoming control, the import of cargo by road and railway transport from / to the Customer’s warehouses.

Where possible — we rely on proven contractors, where necessary — to invest in equipment that maximizes our efficiency in organizing transportation. The financial condition of the company, the experience and composition of the team, the availability of well-established business processes make it possible to guarantee the fulfillment of long-term obligations to Customers