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Features and services in the port of Sabetta

Within the framework of the RDP provision, LLC “Stevedores Yamal” provides:

-Coordination of mooring schedules, mooring operations of vessels,
-Planning the RRP, securing / unfastening the load,
-accumulation of cargoes on quays and rear areas of the port
-coordination with motor transport contractors of the customer when planning the export of goods from the port
-execution of the registration and acceptance of goods, visual inspection of cargo, marking of cargo, preparation of TTN, signing of bills of lading, acts of unloading, etc.

LLC “Stevedoring Yamal” also coordinates with river ports in Sabetta during the navigation period and organizes the import of goods by road from the berths of the river and sea ports to the unloading points (customers’ warehouses) with the subsequent organization of the unloading at the Customer’s warehouses. The Company offers logistics organization “from the door -do-doors, including the accumulation and transshipment in the port of Arkhangelsk (terminal – MRTS “Left Bank”), sea freight, transshipment in the port of Sabetta, removal to the Customer’s sites or the site of technological accumulation

-With the return of goods from Sabetta, it is possible to provide the same range of services, including the organization of railway and road transport from the port of discharge (Arkhangelsk / Murmansk) to any destination of the Customer in Russia and abroad

The chronology of the preparation of the mooring, first implemented by OOO “Stevedoring Yamal” in 2017:

03/12/2017 OAO YASHG provided documents for the theoretical training of Stevedoring Yamal employees on the operation of mooring mechanisms located on technological berths – the scheme included the assembly of 22 fast-acting mooring devices MAMPAEY Offshore Industries (11 from the tank and 11 from the stern of the ship)

03/21/2017 At TP № 2 representatives of JSC “YaSGG” conducted test exercises with mooring mechanisms with employees of “Stevedoring Yamal”. There are lists of employees for their verification and admission to the terminal

03/27/2017 OJSC “YaSGG” provided communication facilities for coordination of works

Import of cargo from the customer site to the port of Sabetta

Acceptance of cargo from the Client under the Act on the site 6 km to the port. Coordination of loading with NGL. Preparation of TTN

Interaction with the client’s engineers. Disassembly of machines in the parking lot. Removal of drives (minus 5-6 tons of weight). Preparation of a ramp for the arrival of equipment on the trawl

Provision of 2x 70 tons of trawls for transportation of equipment. Loading of packed-piece cargo for motor transport (25t cranes), fixing and providing an a / m support

Packing of cargo spaces for transshipment in the port and sea transportation. Loading of part of cargo in container