Open Company “Stevedores Yamal” has two gantry cranes LHM 420 in the Arctic version with the carrying capacity of 124 tons and one crane LHM 550 with the carrying capacity of 144 tons, with the possibility of transshipment at work of cranes in the cargo compartment with a weight of up to 200 tons

Other handling equipment companies in the port of Sabetta:

Кол-во Грузоподъемность
Richstacker Linde C 4531 TL 1 45
SDLG 956 L7728 3 5
Mustang 2054 Hi-Flow 1 1,5
Bobcat S175 1 1,5
Terex Funchs MHL 380 1 18
Terex Funchs MHL 360 2 10
Спредер полуавтоматический Bleste 1
Грейфер 35 куб м 1
Грейфер 35 куб м 1

All equipment is fully equipped with certified load-gripping devices and traverses for all types of cargo

OOO Stevedore Yamal uses two certified contractors that reserve up to 25 vehicles with a carrying capacity of 20 to 60 tons and 6 truck cranes of 25 tons capacity for the needs of the company