In a separate subdivision in S Sabetta, the shift method employs about 160 skilled specialists, many of whom have experience in the areas of the Far North, have passed the necessary certification and training. Most of the workforce has been working in the port of Sabetta since June 2015

Heads and Engineering staff of OOO “Stevedoring Yamal” were trained and certified by the following programs: Rostechnadzor

A1. The general requirements of industrial safety,
B2. The requirements of industrial safety in the oil and gas industry,
B8. The requirements of industrial safety to equipment operating under pressure,
B9. Lifting facilities,
D3. Safety in hydraulic structures

Electrical safety – groups 4 and 5. 9 Civil defense and disaster prevention ITR were trained at the training center as officials and specialists of the civil defense forces and RSES forces, as well as employees engaged in training in the field of civil defense and protection against emergencies. Providing first aid to victims. Ensuring road safety. Motion safety at the height of fire safety